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Unfortunately, many netizens are not pleased with the ongoing surprises, especially the news of their baby because the couple ”lied” about it. However, Soyul denied the rumors through her label Chrome Entertainment and claimed, “It’s not pregnancy before marriage. It doesn’t end here. Back in October of , Soyul officially announced that she’ll be halting all promotions due to an anxiety disorder. In Korean society, pregnancy before marriage does tend to have a negative connotation but it’s Netizens expressed frustration with the comments, “They must not know how betrayed one can feel after being lied to They should’ve just told the truth Pregnancy before marriage is not hugely a shameful thing. They were gonna get married anyway. Log in to comment.

Moon Hee Jun Scandal

The agencies also relayed that it was a decision the couple made together after 8 months of dating. I met and will be getting married to someone I love who wholeheartedly cherishes me and loves me unconditionally. Although it was unexpected, we are happy for the lovely new couple.

Clearly she saw what temporarily dating former H.O.T. member Tony Ahn did for Girl’s Day, and Soyul decided to temporarily marry Moon Hee.

He initially rose to fame as the leader of former boy band H. Being the second member to join H. The group debuted with their first album, We Hate All Kinds of Violence in September , which was accused of being plagiarized and lawsuits were placed against them. Despite their controversial debut, the group eventually rose to fame with their first hit, Candy and We Are the Future , which the latter won them a MTV award for Best International Video.

During his time as part of the group, Moon composed and wrote music for the group and with fellow member, Jang Woo-hyuk, he often choreographed the group’s dance routine. After the disbandment of the group, Moon stayed on in S.

H.O.T.’s Moon Hee Jun And Crayon Pop’s Soyul Marrige Lies Get Fan Reactions

Well, it appears that she’s doing quite well because she’s getting married soon! Shortly after Moon Hee-jun’s announcement, both his and Soyul’s agencies confirmed the couple’s engagement , stating that a ceremony will be held next February. Furthermore, both agencies stated that Moon Hee-jun and Soyul’s engagement was a decision both made after eight months of dating. As for Soyul, she left a handwritten letter on Crayon Pop’s fan cafe, and asks that everyone will support her engagement before reassuring fans that she will be back, better and improved.

I hope all of my fans are doing well. I am doing very well, thanks to all the love and support you guys are showing me.

I’ve heard moon hee jun and announced that this would stay intact, a member moon hee-joon and. Some couples made their wedding date: ellin, soyul. Soyul.

The couple wed at the upscale Hotel Shilla in Seoul as members of their respective bands congratulated them with songs and poems. Other top stars in attendance included members of boy band Shinhwa, girl group Sistar and comedian Yoo Jae-suk. In a press conference before the ceremony, the couple confessed they couldn’t sleep the night before out of nervousness. So I started listening to Crayon Pop’s songs a lot,” he said. Soyul pledged to become a role model couple, saying she hopes they will love each other with sincerity and respect for each other.

Moon said he, too, was attracted by his wife’s smile and the way she tried to make him laugh. Soyul revealed Moon proposed to her on a yacht. I was really grateful,” she said. Moon said the two get excited when talking about music. Moon, 38, and Soyul, 25, met two years ago through work and began dating in April. Issue Keywords.

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With a sudden engagement announcement, netizens are speculating that H. Aside from the large age gap, the fact that the two have been only dating for eight months triggered rumors of a shotgun wedding. However, Soyul’s agency quickly shot down the rumors and reiterated the engagement was not forced. In a previous report , even Moon Hee Jun’s H. T bandmate, Kangta revealed he was shocked about the news saying he didn’t even know the two were dating.

On February 12, H.O.T’s Moon Hee Joon and Crayon Pop’s Soyul get married at Hotel Shilla in Seoul after 2 years of dating.

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(UPDATE) #KPop: Former H.O.T Member Moon Hee Jun Announces Engagement With Crayon Pop’s Soyul

On February 12, H. Cho U-jong took charge of the ceremony host. On the same day, the newlywed held a press conference to announce their special day to fans and media.

Meanwhile, Moon Hee Jun married former Crayon Pop member Soyul on February 12, after 7 months of dating. Soyul gave birth to their.

Crayon Pop’s Soyul and H. Moon Hee Jun of H. The duo will tie the knot in February The pair reportedly started dating in April, and after a lot of thought, took the decision to get married. A spokesperson from Hee Jun’s agency stated: “The wedding will be held on February 12, , and will take place at the Seoul Shilla Hotel.

In order for the ceremony to run smoothly, the wedding will be a private one. The representative added: “They have not yet decided on an officiator, a host, or a singer to celebrate the wedding. During a taping of channel A’s Singderella, Hee Jun opened up about the couple’s romance. He said: “I first saw her at a music program recording during my comeback. I saw her in a school uniform and mistook her for a fan of someone else. It was only when I saw her singing on stage that I knew she was a singer.

Hee Jun continued: “I remember the moment I fell in love.

H.O.T.’s Moon Hee Joon Proposes To Crayon Pop’s Soyul On A Yacht

In what might be the biggest shocker in recent Kpop news, H. In a handwritten letter on his fan cafe, the H. T singer told fans that he was getting married in February.

SEOUL– Moon Hee-joon of first-generation K-pop boy band H.O.T. and Soyul of Moon, 38, and Soyul, 25, met two years ago through work and began dating.

However, fans have always had indications of their relationships. T, made a sudden engagement announcement, giving fans the shock of their lives. Moon revealed the news through a handwritten letter via his fan cafe, informing fans that he would be getting married soon and thanking them for always staying by his side. Although he did not reveal the name of his partner, it was soon revealed to be Soyul.

The Crayon Pop member also released a handwritten letter to fans, which you can read here:. I hope all of my fans are doing well. I am doing very well, thanks to all the love and support you guys are showing me. Today I have some surprising news which I felt you needed to hear first. I am very nervous as I write this…I have met someone who has shown me unconditional love and has cared for me with a warm heart, and I am getting married.

I know this is very sudden but I have thought a lot about this before making such a life-changing decision. I believe that you will support and congratulate my decision. I hope you guys can congratulate our life together as well. The marriage is not going to be an end but I will come back to you guys to repay you for the love you have shown me.

Moon Hee Jun Reveals How His Wife Soyul Is Dealing With Changes From Pregnancy