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As Rabbi Steven Wernick presided over his first United Synagogue Conservative Judaism biennial, held earlier this month, there was a sense of an unprecedented opportunity to discuss the history and future of Conservative Judaism. As a young rabbi who believes in the idea of religious movements, I note that Conservative Judaism is a grass-roots coalition that has lost two of its primary organizing principles: one was that Conservative Judaism and Conservative synagogues serve the need for Eastern European Jewish immigrants to become Americanized while holding on to their religious roots. The other is the recognition that the scholastic trend to study ancient and medieval Jewish texts scientifically, known as Wissenschaft des Judentums, has not yielded a sufficiently sacred orientation for Jewish life. Jews in my generation, that is, Jews whose great-grandparents or grandparents came to this country looking for the promise of the American dream and needed a connection to what was familiar, are no longer motivated by the same sorts of organizing principles that our ancestors were. For generations Conservative synagogues thrived on the complicity that Jews will, more or less, seek out a synagogue when they move to a town, and that they will join that synagogue and continue to give to that synagogue because that is what Jews simply do. Today, younger Jews see affiliation as a choice among competing choices for their time and money. Precisely because Jews in my generation are already Americanized, we seek above all an exciting and meaningful expression of living a richly textured life. Moreover, the scientific study of Jewish texts through the project of Wissenschaft, while intellectually stimulating, has yet to pay dividends when it comes to Conservative Jews living a moral, spiritual life. What I am saying here is not new. For years rabbis in the field have complained about the disconnect between the elite study of Judaism through its institutions of higher learning and the practical application of that learning from the pulpit.

Interfaith marriage in Judaism

Judaism maintains that the righteous of all nations have a place in the world to come. This has been the majority rule since the days of the Talmud. Judaism generally recognizes that Christians and Moslems worship the same G-d that we do and those who follow the tenets of their religions can be considered righteous in the eyes of G-d. Contrary to popular belief, Judaism does not maintain that Jews are better than other people. Although we refer to ourselves as G-d’s chosen people, we do not believe that G-d chose the Jews because of any inherent superiority.

According to the Talmud Avodah Zarah 2b , G-d offered the Torah to all the nations of the earth, and the Jews were the only ones who accepted it.

The Observant Life: The Wisdom of Conservative Judaism for Contemporary Jews [Martin S. Cohen, Michael Katz, Martin S. Cohen, Michael Katz] on.

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The Re-founding Of Conservative Judaism

We are at our best when in relationship to other human beings. Martin Buber went so far as to say that God is found in our relationships. We have an innate desire to be a part of a group — families, friends, professional associations, and congregations. Belonging is very important to us.

Conservative Judaism, religious movement that seeks to conserve essential elements of traditional Judaism but allows for the modernization of religious.

The clergy and staff are always available to meet your needs spiritually and emotionally. There are adult classes offered weekly. For families, we offer nursery school and Shabbat services. We are a vibrant and family-friendly Conservative, egalitarian synagogue located in the heart of the Jewish community in Denver. We are proud to be one of the oldest Conservative congregations in Denver.

In that spirit, we welcome all guests who would wish to join us. We’re proud to represent a cross-section of the Jewish population, from our founding senior members and older recent residents to families with children of all ages, single parents and their families, singles and couples with diverse experiences and backgrounds, and many young people seeking connection to the Jewish community.

We strive to be inclusive and accommodate special needs. We feature a dynamic egalitarian Conservative philosophy that serves as the foundation for our services as a house of prayer, a house of learning and a community. We are committed to expressing our Jewish identities through spiritual, educational, and social moments of communal connection and personal growth.

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Snark is the Greatest Threat to Conservative Judaism

Followers of Judaism believe in one God who revealed himself through ancient prophets. The history of Judaism is essential to understanding the Jewish faith, which has a rich heritage of law, culture and tradition. Their God communicates to believers through prophets and rewards good deeds while also punishing evil.

According to Rachel Adler, a Jewish feminist theologian, non-Orthodox Jews in the United. States need to think seriously about sexual ethics. These Jews.

Recently, I found myself on a date with someone I was sure was Jewish. We were in New York, and he had brown hair and the first name of a biblical hero — what was I supposed to do, ask to see his foreskin? He was not Jewish, as it turned out. And on our date, I learned a lot about Conservative Christian theology and the homeschooling system. But you are polite and from New Jersey, I wanted to say!

You are wearing khakis and a button-down! How dare you deceive me like this! In most other cases, religion is considered an iffy topic for a first date — even if both people on the date are Jews who are both pretty sure they want to live and die without owning a Christmas tree. You, your parents, and your sister all have jobs at Jewish organizations? I guess for me, I just think organized religion is a pathetic exercise in brainwashing. We both agree that Netanyahu is corrupt but to criticize the Israeli government is not to criticize the existence of Israel, right?

We both agree that Israel is the one stronghold of the Jewish people and can do no wrong, right? Do you know any Orthodox Jews?

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Eleven Sisterhoods participated in the first conference in with Phyllis Weinstein was chosen as leader. Unpublished manuscripts are protected by copyright. Permission to publish, quote, or reproduce must be secured from the repository and the copyright holder. The first sisterhood to affiliate with the newly organized Southern Branch in Training was Ahavath Achim.

Marriage is referred to as kiddushin, which comes from the Hebrew word for “holy​.” In Judaism, holy things are things that are set apart and made special and.

W hen my great-grandfather learned that his daughter had married a non-Jew, he sat a type of shiva, a mourning period, and did not remain in contact with her. Family lore is that he would read the letters his daughter wrote home, though they never spoke again. That was a different era. My great-grandfather fled the pogroms of Eastern Europe and I imagine his interaction with non-Jews must have been limited. At the very least the radical inclusion of Jews, and other religious groups in American society many would come to experience as the new normal, was still a faraway dream.

As a people who make up less than 0. There is a Jewish army and airline. Yes, anti-Semitism may be on the rise in certain parts of the world, but this is generally understood by the general population to be unethical and dangerous.

Time To Rethink Our Resistance To Intermarriage

As one who was raised as a Conservative Jew, I believe there are only two realistic choices for the movement. One option is to acknowledge that it has become virtually indistinguishable from Reform Judaism and the two denominations could merge their institutional structures. The other option is to carve out a much narrower middle ground catering to the smaller group of Conservative Jews seriously committed to observing Jewish law but in an egalitarian worship framework.

The ideological roots of Conservative Judaism date back to Europe in the midth century, but the denomination was defined by Solomon Schechter, who served as president of the Jewish Theological Seminary from to

Women have played a pivotal role in Conservative Judaism throughout the twentieth century and have been instrumental on both the grass-roots and national.

If you would like to order any of these materials, please click here to order now. Includes: Shabbat and holiday listings, plus Torah readings; Candle lighting times in cities in the United States, Canada and Israel; Ample room for notes; Prayers and berakhot; Updated locations of Sisterhoods in North America and Kehillot in Israel; Mourner’s Kaddish, translated and transliterated. As the High Holidays are approaching, and we will be reciting the Yizkor Memorial Prayers on Yom Kippur October 9, , as well as on Shemini Atzeret October 21, , we are writing to you now, to encourage you to purchase some yellow candles, and to encourage people to light this as their Yizkor candle — both for their loved ones, as well as the 6 million who perished in the Holocaust, who may not have anyone currently saying Kaddish for them.

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Op-Ed: Conservative Judaism has just 2 viable options

The Conservative Movement in America began with the creation of a rabbinical school in with an enrollment of ten students. That school, the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, was just the beginning. Since then, it has flourished to include seminaries on the east and west coasts of the United States, Israel, and Argentina; professional organizations representing lay and clergy; organizations for men and women; a synagogue arm representing almost congregations in North America; schools, institutions, and congregations in Israel, Europe, Latin America, the FSU, Australia, Africa, and Asia; synagogue schools and day schools; youth programs; college outreach; and summer camps.

At home in both tradition and modernity, Conservative Judaism strives in everything to express and communicate a deep commitment to the values, concepts, and rituals of our tradition. It is equally committed to the values of individual conscience, democracy, equal rights and protection for all humanity, and other hallmarks of Western culture to enrich and deepen our lives as practicing Jews.

Roberta Rosenthal Kwall. December 22, pm. Rabbi Steven Wernick, CEO of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, addressing the group’s.

Her world was suddenly turned upside down in the late s while she was studying religion at Oxford on a Rhodes scholarship, and fell in love with a woman she met at a conference. This posed a problem: The Conservative rabbinical school she planned to attend did not ordain openly gay rabbis. Rather than abandoning her vocation, she opted instead to join the Jewish Reform movement — a liberal progressive denomination that accepts gay rabbis and gay marriage.

Nevertheless, overcoming prejudices can be an occupational hazard for a gay, female rabbi. Stephen Yaffe, a former president of her temple, who was on the search committee that hired Rabbi Grushcow in , recalled that some congregants initially expressed concern that she could prove polarizing. But he said Rabbi Grushcow had quickly convinced the doubters with her empathy, intellect and ability to connect with people. The rabbi recalled that a stranger recently made an appointment to ask her to adjudicate a family inheritance dispute.

At the end of the evening, she and her pregnant wife, Shelley, 39, a digital marketing specialist, were taken by surprise when they were called to the bimah, the platform where the Torah is read. The audience, which included Holocaust survivors, gay students and several Muslim leaders, beamed. Born in Ottawa to a Conservative Jewish family and raised in Toronto, Rabbi Grushcow credited her mother, a management consultant, and her father, the owner of a software development company, for instilling in her at a young age that girls could do anything.

She stayed for nearly a decade — what she calls her coming-of-age as a rabbi.

Correcting a False Impression – Conservative/Masorti Judaism Is Global

Conservative Judaism known as Masorti Judaism outside the USA is the middle movement often described as being between the more liberal movement of Reform Judaism and the more traditional movement called the Orthodox. Conservative Jews wish to conserve the traditional elements of Judaism while also allowing for reasonable modernization and rabbinical development. The teachings of Zacharias Frankel form the foundation of Conservative Judaism.

In , this branch began as a branch in training. Eleven Sisterhoods participated in the first conference in with Phyllis Weinstein was c.

Read the introduction to The Birth of Conservative Judaism to view in full screen, click on icon in bottom right-hand corner :. Cohen Columbia University Press. While he advocated a return to traditional practices, Schechter articulated no clear position on divisive issues, instead preferring to focus on similarities that could unite American Jewry under a broad message.

Michael R. Cohen demonstrates how Schechter, unable to implement his vision on his own, turned to his disciples, rabbinical students and alumni of JTS, to shape his movement. By midcentury, Conservative Judaism had become the largest American Jewish grouping in the United States, guided by Schechter’s disciples and their continuing efforts to embrace diversity while eschewing divisive debates.

Yet Conservative Judaism’s fluid boundaries also proved problematic for the movement, frustrating many rabbis who wanted a single platform to define their beliefs. Cohen demonstrates how a legacy of tension between diversity and boundaries now lies at the heart of Conservative Judaism’s modern struggle for relevance. Rectifying misconceptions in previous accounts of Conservative Judaism’s emergence, Cohen’s study enables a fresh encounter with a unique religious phenomenon.

The Challenge of Biblical Scholarship: One Conservative Rabbi’s Perspective

Conservative Judaism , religious movement that seeks to conserve essential elements of traditional Judaism but allows for the modernization of religious practices in a less radical sense than that espoused by Reform Judaism. Zacharias Frankel —75 , whose ideology inspired early Conservative ideas, broke with modernizing extremists after a series of Reform conferences in Germany — Holding fast to the notion that the Jewish religion is inextricably bound up with Jewish culture and a national identity, he refused to abandon religious customs and traditions as nonessentials.

Frankel felt that historical studies could bring to light those elements of the Written and Oral Law that were merely contemporary expressions of more abiding religious truths. These, then, could be reinterpreted to fit the context of modern life. Following Orthodoxy, Conservatives insist on the sacredness of the Sabbath.

Each of us is an individual, but we don’t do well in isolation; we are social beings. We are at our best when in relationship to other human beings. Martin Buber.

Some may follow the orthodox practice and instead observe the next day. Take a look at the holiday FAQs that our rabbis have answered or you can submit your own questions. Rosh Ha-Shanah. Monday 30 September. Saturday 19 September. Tuesday 7 September. Monday 26 September. Yom Kippur. Wednesday 9 October. Monday 28 September.

Conservative Judaism: Observations and Expectations