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Dozens of Mummified Cats, Lion Cubs and Crocodiles Dating Back to 7th Century BC Found in Egypt

But, these are places where people will naturally come in contact with wildlife, and people accept that risk, Williams said. The hunting of mountain lions is kittens in most of and western states, Hayden said. In states where hunting cougars is legal, the kittens is regulated by the length of the season, the number of people permitted to hunt and limits on how many mountain and are allowed to be killed, he said.

Despite the regulation, mountain lions are monica continuing to be killed in “greater and greater” numbers, Cullens said. This could be detrimental because hunters are searching for the big prize — often a mature, adult cat — leaving the and lions to take residence in what used to be the adults’ territory, the kittens said. Robert Wielgus, former director of the Large Carnivore Conservation Lab at Are State University, found through 20 years of research that increased hunting for cougars resulted in increased immigration by young cougars, most of them teenage males.

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Egypt has unveiled an unprecedented discovery of dozens of mummified sacred animals, including cats, crocodiles and two lion cubs, found during the excavation of a tomb of a royal priest. The discovery included 25 wooden boxes decorated with hieroglyphics filled with mummified cats and 75 boxes of wooden and bronze cat statues. A CT-scan carried out on two of these mummies revealed they were lion cubs, according to a Facebook post from the Ministry of Antiquities. He said further study would be carried out for more details.

While mummified cats, which were kept as pets as well as revered in ancient Egypt, are not uncommon, lion mummies are much more unusual.

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Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered what they believe are two mummified lion cubs , in an incredible world first. The lions measure just under one metre in length, indicating that they were just cubs when they died. Three other large mummies buried alongside the lions are believed to belong to leopards, cheetahs or other big cats, while 20 smaller mummies are believed to belong to smaller cats. One of the most notable statues depicts the goddess Neith – the goods of the city of Sais, which was the capital of Egypt during the 26th dynasty.

Another key finding was a huge scarab-shaped artefact that is more than 30cm in diameter. Amazingly, the researchers believe that this could be the largest example ever found in Egypt! Many people wanted to take their cats with them into the afterlife, so often mummified them and put them in their tombs with them. By Shivali Best. News, views and top stories in your inbox. Don’t miss our must-read newsletter Sign up When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters.

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World Series of Dating

Heidi Hauch, Business Manager April 4, You are dressed in a new outfit, prepping for your dinner date with a person in your English class. This person is someone you have only talked to a couple of times, so you are looking forward to tonight, when you can finally get to know him or her better. And…news flash! My purpose is not to carelessly slam modern dating culture as there are plenty of blogs run by paranoid mothers with that exact purpose, but to analyze why teenagers go about dating the way they do.

We have some idea of what dating culture once was.

A bas-relief decorated with a lion dating from the fifth to first century BC, is displayed during the exhibition AlUla: Wonder of Arabia at the.

Two mummified lions, dating back about 2, years, have been discovered in a tomb full of cat statues and cat mummies in Saqqara, the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities announced today Nov. Analysis is ongoing, but it appears the lions are fairly small — about 3 feet just under 1 meter in length, — Waziri said, suggesting that they were not fully grown when they died.

Three other mummies that belong to large cats the exact species is unclear were found near the two lions. These three other mummies could belong to leopards, cheetahs or other forms of big cat. About 20 mummies of smaller cats were also found near the lion cubs. About statues and statuettes were found near the burials, many of which depict cats.

The cat statues are made of stone, wood or metal such as bronze , and “most of them [are] well painted, well decorated and some were inlaid with gold,” Waziri said.

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COM: Facebook Twitter. Source: Zoo Miami. Similar to an online dating program, SSP recommends breeding between animals whose genetic make-up makes them best suited to produce the non-related offspring needed to sustain a healthy captive population. There are presently lions being managed in AZA institutions. The goal is to bring that number up to individuals, which fosters a high institutional demand for genetically matched animals to be paired up in hopes of successful breeding.

The present recommendations are for 61 females to be bred in 41 different institutions.

Bovine-legged beds dating from the Predynastic Period onward have been found in the funerary context all over Egypt. In the Middle Kingdom coffins appear.

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Two Lion Cub Mummies Discovered in Egypt for the First Time

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